Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As If Dolls Weren’t Creepy Enough Already…

I’ve already mentioned how I feel about dolls, but this one goes above and beyond.
as if dolls aren't creepy enough already
What the hell happened to your eye??
what the hell happened to your eye

Kim says: Holy yuck batman!! Get that doll to the hospital! STAT!

Lisa thinks: Maybe this girl had a run-in with the "walk of shame" doll. Looks like the other girl won- she was a bit beaten up, but eyes intact! Just so the world knows, this doll brought tears to my eyes when our thrift-buddy, Andrea, found her. Andrea had quite the reaction to her. . . not that I can say I blame her.  
The only thing better than finding this damn doll would have been getting that reaction on video!  I would love to know what the store employee was thinking when they set this on the shelf. (-C)

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Carolyn Christie said...

OMG too funny! I'm thrilled you accepted your Blog Award... may you receive many more!! ;)