Friday, March 5, 2010

Off with her Head

At the risk of sounding like a paranoid omniphobic (ok, so you may have noticed I like to make up my own words) I will admit that in addition to clowns, I am equally freaked out by dolls.  Therefore, when we were on a recent thrifting expedition, we came across this little collection that we just had to share:
Welcome to the display of (creepy) dolls:
Exhibit one:
dolls 1
I guess despite the flamboyant hat, she looks as creepy normal as any other doll but his face totally says “ If I wasn’t inanimate, I’d totally kick your ass!” 
And at the other end of the table, we have the rest of the display, or Exhibit 2:
dolls 2
alrighty then, so we have another flamboyant hat (apparently a popular style), a bad hair helmet and a OH MY GOD!  A DISEMBODIED HEAD!
disembodied head
I swear it’s looking right at me.  And you wonder why I find these things a little unnerving.

Kim says: I know there is a market for dolls and doll heads - but it doesn't make it any less creepy. The boy in blue in the top picture is cute in a "Chucky" kind of a way...and I can't imagine any of these being valuable - cause DUH they are in a thrift store - you know the workers Goggle stuff like people buy these thngs for their kids??? Geez what would that do to the kid!

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