Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Haunting – part 2

Ever since our original post about "The Haunting" I have been seeing these faces EVERYWHERE and that’s all I can think about now when I see them.

For reference – a still from the movie: (creepy little faces)


Our finds:

the haunting 2-5the haunting 2-3the haunting part 2-2the haunting 2-4

the haunting part 2

Say what you will about these angelic cherub figures – but all I see is those creepy little faces. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – check out our very first post. Or watch the movie – although that isn’t necessarily recommended.

Lisa thinks: It's the eyes. When did we get so lazy we think collecting things that don't have eyes painted on them is ok? Even if they are angel or cherubs or whatever. How do they know to save you/help you/etc if they can't even SEE you?

Kim says: We should shop with eye stickers in our purses and give the poor little creepy suckers some eyes!

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refibered said...

Those "angelic" little faces totally creep me out, especially after seeing the Doctor Who show "Blink" --- oh. my. The show's brilliant (that's a whole conversation in itself), but you will never look at garden statuary the same way again.