Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Thought The Easter Bunny Was Supposed To Be Cute

I thought the easter bunny was supposed to be cute

Kim says: Those red eyes seem to stare right through you don't they! I guess they were trying to be color coordinated...matching the eyes to the shirt, ears, and mouth...

Carmen thinks: OK, maybe I watch too many movies, or just have an overactive imagination, but I just imagine these as being part of an army of giant evil bunny droids who shoot lasers from their creepy red eyes.

Lisa thinks: $6.50?!?! What was this guy made out of? That seems to be a pretty steep price for something that's just gonna freak little kids out, don't you think?! And what's with his hands? They're weird!


Carolyn Christie said...

Hey Thanks for visiting & following my blog!! Your blog is a Hoot! I LOL at a number of your posts and photo's :)

Lisa said...

Carmen's thought sounds like a very plausible plot for a Doctor Who episode. The Easter special, though. Of course!