Monday, April 19, 2010

Makes Me Want to Put One of These in My Kitchen. Or not.

There are a lot of different decorative elements one could put in their kitchen.  There are even a lot of things in jars that are cute in a kitchen.  So why, WHY would someone choose this? – it’s actually pretty huge – filled with what appears to be urine and sediment with a leaf and twig to spice things up.  ugh. -C
unappetizing display

unappetizing display close up

Lisa thinks: This could be a weight-loss tool. It sure would make me want to puke every time I looked at it.
WHY do I continue to be compelled to shake things up that really should be left alone.  First the sludge and now this.  WHEN WILL I LEARN!! -C
unappetizing display all shook up

Kim says: Blech blech blech...


Carolyn Christie said...

Looks like a polish lava lamp...hahaha "shake to activate"
I crack me up! :)

Lisa said...

ROFL... Market it as a diet tool. Loving it.