Monday, April 5, 2010


I know, you’re looking at this first picture thinking “aww, he’s kind of cute!” I thought the same thing. Keep going. You’ll see why they made it here, as the horror of the day.

The back view of the hedgehog. Kind of clever actually.
hedgehog back

Well then, I guess they’re not quite as cute without noses.
hedgehog trio
and a wicked case of alopecia.
hedgehog alopecia
That looks painful.

Kim says: Kinda makes you want to pick and pick and pick at them until there isn't anything left!

Lisa thinks: Pick away, Kim! I'm not touching these things! Eww! I just love how Carmen's nursing career gives her the ability to diagnose all of these diseases and disorders our thrift store friends have. It sure makes the shopping experience a lot more fun!! Now if thrift stores just had doctors:)


Carolyn Christie said...

Carmen thank you for your sweet comment! I love seeing your new finds! :)
I have a little something for you on my blog, come take a peek when you have a chance. ;)

Lisa said...

Ugh. That last photo looks like he has suffered a major head injury. They were probably cute in their day!