Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is an Abuse of Coffee

The problem with me not being organized enough lately to write posts in means I end up trying to write them on my lunch break.  Which means if we have a crazy busy day at work, I don’t get much of a chance to post.  That’s one of my resolutions!  Get my ducks in a row and get writing!

If you know me at all, you will know how much I LOVE my cup of coffee in the morning.
Like Snuffles, the dog from Quick Draw McGraw (if you happen to be old enough to remember that) coffee practically does the same thing for me that treats do for him.

  So when I saw this, it just made me cringe.  I’m all for good coffee smelling candles.  But suspending these poor coffee beans in goo?  Not so much.   It looks like one of those jars you would find in a science lab with things floating in it.  Or rabbit poo, floating in goo.  (hehe,  that rhymes)  Not even the little chunk of ribbon can make this pretty. 
this is an abuse of coffee
I can practically hear them yelling for someone to set them free!
this is an abuse of coffee close up

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scary Clowns of the Day

Thought of this post recently while watching  Ghost Adventures with Lisa.  They stopped at the Clown Motel.  (shudder) 

As far as I can tell, there is only 2 schools of thought regarding clowns.  One who love them and regards them as delightful and fun and think of parades and the circus.  Then there are those from the other camp who think clowns are scary as hell.  Maybe it’s because we’ve watched Stephen King’s “IT” one too many times.  For all you clown fans out there… please… let me know what the attraction is, because all I see is a whole lotta creepy.

bigfoot hobo clown

is it just me or does he look a little stoned

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pig? Fish? Maybe Just Pish.

We're baaaaccckkk!  

After a ridiculously long hiatus, Thrift Store Horror is back with some new thriftastic crap for your enjoyment.  And as a bonus, Lisa has returned with some commentary on some of the crap we found.  Now, I'm not promising daily posts or anything crazy like that but we did go on a few crazy thrifting adventures and found lots of new crazy to share with y'all.  Starting with this odd little creature.


pish from the front

Or fish sans tail?

pig, fish or maybe pish

This is why I shouldn’t drink coffee without eating breakfast. Sigh. I was trying to capture the point that he is hollow and you can look up his strange bottom feeder type nose.

pish up the nose...damn my caffeine shakes

Lisa thinks: This guy confuses me. . . does the money that you apparently should put in his top come out the hole above? If so, I'm thinking he is a fish. . . no proper piggy bank would be so stupid. One thing I AM certain of is that he was probably made by Kevin in junior high art class (the kid's getting better at his art!).