Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things You Don’t Want To Find At a Thrift Store - (part 2)

So, we’ve recently rehashed things you don’t necessarily want to buy at a thrift store. Also, on the top of my list in this category is personal care products. Unless they are new unused, sealed, undamaged and part of a display of a certain brand in a thrift/general goods store – people should not sell personal care products in a thrift store. (gets off her soapbox)

In conclusion of today’s rant – I give you our daily exhibit of “oh hell no”

if you're feeling not so fresh

Lisa thinks: Inappropriateness (is that a word?) aside. . . who the hell names these things? Sweet Love douche? Seriously. Sweet love is the first thing I think of when I hear the word "douche". Yikes.

Kim says: Good grief - the box has been OPENED! OK - I'm done shuddering now...but I can't seem to unclench my teeth!

Lisa -I second the sentiment on product naming.  I just hope they paid that dear girl well for her image on this box.  Anyone who agrees to be the “Sweet Love Douche Girl” deserves a nice paycheck.   Hey Kim – did you see the one on the left?  Apparently an unopened box will cost you a whole penny more.  Not that it makes it any less “ewww” -C


Lisa said...

Using that would leave me with anything but "a clean, confident feeling". What is more, there are at least two people who thought this was appropriate merchandise for a thrift store: she who donated, and she who priced. The fact that they found each other is truly amazing.

Carolyn Christie said...

I can't imagin someone really buying that. I guess they really wanted/needed the .98 cents.... Gross... I would complain!