Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Morning After

rough night

Lisa thinks: This must be the doll you give your little daughter to promote wild nights of fun out on the town. I can hear it now, "If you have had a successful night out on the town you will look like this on your walk-of-shame home the next morning. Now go play while Mommy mixes another Gin & Vodka, darling."

Kim says - It looks like she had such a wild night that she broke her leg too! Doesn't that look like a cast?  (it DOES!!  -C)

Carmen thinks: I'm totally seeing Little House on the Prairie meets Frat Party.  (Would that make it Little House of the Party?)  Anyway, I will totally admit that back in the day, I have come home looking similar to this on my own walk of shame (although I believe I managed to look slightly better than this, at least I hope)

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