Friday, April 23, 2010

Split in Two

When I first noticed this guy, I wondered what it was that he once held in his hands. That, and why his legs look painfully merged together.

it appears he should be holding something

Then I tried to pick him up.

half the man I used to be

His bottom half looks freakishly feminine now, doesn’t it?
Now I can’t get the Stone Temple Pilots song Creep out of my head. (“oh I’m half the man I used to be”)

Lisa thinks: The first picture makes it look like he's pooping. Maybe they should have made a tree for him to hide behind, too. The fact that anyone would design this man and then think, "let's cut him in half and put some cologne or something in him" is creepy. And then, for someone else to actually purchase him, take him home, rip his body in half and splash on some sweet-smellies is even worse. Sorry about your luck, dude.

Kim says: Hee hee hee hee...sorry the visual just cracks me up!

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