Thursday, April 8, 2010

Questionable Retro Wall Decor Part 1 - Sports

In our thrifting adventures, we have come across an disturbing trend.  Retro Wall Decor.  We’ve encountered so many of these that we’ve had to break them up into sections. 

This kid looks like he would love to smack you in the face with his basketball.  Maybe its the evil arch to his eyebrows, or his mischievous grin, but I’d look out for him if I were you. 


Exhibit two: Whose arm does that?  That looks so uncomfortable. 

Kim says: OK - these are just weird. I wonder what my kids would say if I brought these home and tried to hang them on their wall? They would think I lost my mind!

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Lisa said...

Hey, batter batter batter... Suh-wing batter!