Monday, April 26, 2010


And our favorite person of the week is…Kelly!!! Why?!?! She sent us our next reader submission. (seriously, we thrive on this sort of stuff)
So Kelly O. from Lincoln, Nebraska writes: These pinatas were, ummm, interesting. Why would anyone want to beat the bride and/or groom with a stick? Maybe it's a tradition, like mushing cake into each other's faces. Still. No.

pinata wedding

Lisa thinks: These are probably actually for AFTER the wedding. . . they probably don't actually let the wedding guests beat the crap out of these things. It's like that saving-a-piece-of-cake-for-your-anniversary tradition, except you would probably not use these in celebration. So it's like this: "I'm so sick of Chris leaving his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor- he KNOWS where the hamper is. What to do with my anger?! Oh yeah!!" *Lisa goes into the deep dark depths of the basement and searches out the pinatas only to find the bride pinata missing- guess who p*@$%d who off first?!* But that's just my guess at it. . .

Kim says:  First thing – what exactly comes OUT of this pinata after you break it?

Kim also says:  I think this pinata is for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I can just picture it “thanks you (whack) for making me buy (whack whack) a $300 puce green dress (whackity whack) that makes me look fat!  (whacking frenzy!!) 

Carmen thinks: I would really love to know the history behind this one.  Like how this ended up here in a thrift store.  This was sitting around in someone’s basement at one time then dredged up and donated.  Did the wedding fall through?   Did someone buy/make it for a divorce party?  Was it meant to be a souvenir but those giant blue eyes and cookie cutter smiles were just too spooky?   Whatever the history, I’m willing to bet this will sit on a shelf for a long long time.  Maybe we should buy it, fill it with little tiny bottles of champagne then put it out of it’s misery and celebrate!!!

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Carolyn Christie said...

My guess would be the bride & groom could be filled with $$$ and the happy couple had the hit eachother to get their wedding gift out of it.... NOT