Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Known Conditions Affecting Mannequins

If you’ve read many of our past posts, you will know that we have run into many dysfunctional mannequins in our travels.  Many with issues all their own.  We’ve seen a sad case of pantsless androgyny and a few cases of mass decapitation which can be found here and here

We have also seen several instances of inanimate objects suffering from alopecia.  See examples here and here

But then we stumbled upon this poor thing.  A double whammy of mannequin dysfunction and hair loss.  Imagine the stigma that must come along with being a mannequin with alopecia. 

mannequin alopecia strikes again

I think someone should get her a stocking cap. 

1 comment:

Kim said...

I can't but wonder how she came to be missing that patch of hair...maybe she fell on the ground and some kids were fighting over her??? Maybe she wore a really sticky hat once?