Friday, July 9, 2010

Project FAIL

As any crafter or artist knows, sometimes things just don’t turn out quite right.  Sometimes it’s just easier to scrap the whole project and start over.  I guess it just never occurred to me to take my failed project to a thrift store.  Obviously, the person responsible for this did not feel the same way.  
failed project 2failed project close upfailed project

Kim says: I've scrolled up and down, down and up, trying to get inspiration to comment on this...I think it might have been a good idea? That is, if it was to be a beaded spider web...but the multiple colors confuse me...can you imagine the frustration that this crafter felt to have abandoned the project and brought it to the thrift store?! Couldn't quite make him/herself take it apart - couldn't quite throw it away - but never wanted to see it again!!!

Lisa thinks: I've had some projects go awry on me, that's for sure, but nothing like this!! Dreamcatcher-in-a-frame fail? Beaded spiderweb fail? Really hard to say, isn't it? I would have at least pulled all the beads off and tried something else with the frame. . .

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