Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They’ll never be the “head” of a major corporation

In all fairness, these weren’t technically out in the store but some delightful young man with awesome hair let us dart back to snap a photo when we saw sitting so prominently through the stock room door.
they've lost their heads
First… you are full of awesome if you get the title reference. Second...I keep imagining this as being a part of the assembly line where they made the Fembots. Third... what is it with the thrift stores we visit and disembodied heads?
Kim says - I've got nothin. Actually, all I can say is that I haven't EVER gone looking for one of these to craft with...

Lisa thinks: That great dude at the store does need to get a lot of credit here for letting you wander back there and take this picture. . . I knew he would help us on our quest the minute I saw his crazy-haired ass come walking out the back. Could these gals be the adult version of the classic Barbie head that was made for little girls to style their hair? Cuz, if so, I don't want one ;) I was also noticing that the one on the right seems to have signs of possible strangulation on her neck. . . yeah, I watch too much NCIS.

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