Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unexpected Eww!

This started out as a little moment of nostalgia.  “Aww, we had one of these when I was a kid and I used to love sifting stuff with it while “helping” mom in the kitchen.”  So I picked it up and squeezed the handle to see if it worked.  Apparently I still haven’t learned that it’s sometimes best NOT to interact with the objects I find in thrift stores.  Technically, it seemed to work ok, but something didn’t feel right so I took a peek at the sifting apparatus.

we had a sifter like this when i was a kid

eeewwww.  I’m not exactly sure what was all crusted in here, but I was full of crusty tan chunks of something or other inside the screens of the sifting mechanism.  Like little petrified pebbles of flour.  (shudder)   How in the hell does that happen anyway?  Never mind.  I don’t really think I want to know.  

OMG nasty!!

Did the person who put this on the shelf actually think it might be salvageable?  More importantly, why did the person who donated it not just throw it away?  I’m not really sure what to say about that other than ugh.  Nasty!!

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Kim said...

What I wish we had a picture of was the little dance of horror you did when the cloud of God-knows-what started sifting out of this thing!!!