Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Regrettable Dust Collectors

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already and I haven’t posted yet this week.  I got a few days off of work and slipped into a time warp.  So today’s featured bit of horror is another hodge-podge of “interesting” things we’ve found while out and about. 

First we have this, um, whatever it is.  I’m not really sure what to say about this other than “why?!?”wooden doll like thing

Our next two exhibits actually sort of go together, as much a couple of amorphous wax figures with their paint wearing off can, anyway.

This poor angel has seen better days.  

amorphous angel

As has little boy blue here.

wax boy side

umm… it almost makes me wonder what he looked like before all of his features wore off. 

wax boy has seen better days

Four words: Twins from THE SHINING


See what I mean?


And that concludes our horror for today.  If you haven’t already, please check out our last post about thrift store horror stories and send us some email!


Krista Michelle said...

Love, love your blog. It's kind of like Regretsy, only AFTER the remorseful Etsy shopper has donated her bad purchase so the next fool can have it.

I worked in a thrift store the summer after my freshman year in college. The donations were mind-boggling: stacks of Olivia Newton John and Barbara Streisand records, sequined monstrosities from the 80s, demonic boogle-eye babydolls, gigantic moldy hand-crocheted afghans from God-knows-when. Good times. One time, somebody donated pasties. Yeah, pasties. I was tempted to buy them and tell my parents they were my new work uniform.

Carmen@Thriftstorehorror said...

I'm so glad you are loving it. I'm also a huge fan of Regretsy! And all I have to say is "just say no to second hand pasties!!" (now,there's a phrase that I never expected to say) ;)