Monday, July 26, 2010

Clowning Around

As Lisa requested, I have given clowns a rest for a while, but they are still out there… lurking… ready to scare the crap out of me at any given moment and I just keep finding them.  I even saw some guy at the gas station the other day with all his clown make-up on but wearing his street clothes.  I think that was even scarier!  So today I take it upon myself to share another dose of them with you! Clowns are kind of like Jagermeister -  Horrible, but always out there and sometimes you just have to partake. So, here is your dose of effed up clowns.  Enjoy!!

Behold, Bart and his clown posse.Bart and his posse

What do you think this little guy doing here by this garbage can? Hopefully not paying the price for a few too many shots of …umm… what do clowns drink anyway?

what exactly do you think he is doing here

Yup, just had to save the creepiest for last.  You’re welcome. do you see why clowns give me nightmares!


Lisa thinks: Thanks, Carmen. I was daring enough to go to our local parade and was exposed to REAL LIVE clowns. . . and then you do this! But I must say you gave me a good laugh with that second picture. I would actually keep that figurine around just to giggle at the thought of a clown puking his guts out after having too many. And I don't know what clowns would drink either. . . isn't "giggle juice" slang for some sort of booze? That's what they should drink. And, yeah, the last one is verrrry creepy.

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