Friday, July 30, 2010

This puts a whole new spin on “joined at the hip”

We found this delightfully disturbing piece on a recent thrift run. 

side one:posing in my lederhosen

Side two:vogue

From the side:this gives the phrase joined at the hip a whole new meaning

What amazed me even more is that there is not one but TWO of the exact same bizarre figurine in the same store! What are the chances! It’s a goldmine of crazy!the doublemint twins squared

Lisa thinks: "My what big arms you have". . . "All the better to freak you out with, my dear". I see we have another photobomber here. . . our crazy little puking clown! At least now we know what he was sick about! It was the he/she with shamefully large arms! He must have looked up "it's" skirt :) (I really like that little clown. He's actually kind of cute)

1 comment:

TV's Jacob said...

Good lord, it's an alchemically perfect organism! Like "Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but German :)

I like the multi-voice idea, that's a fun way of doing blurbs, more dialogy, very interesting!