Friday, July 23, 2010

Moldy Carbohydrate Art

As long as we’re snarking on the arts and crafts projects up this week, let’s delve into the reasons why foodstuffs don’t necessarily make good art supplies if you’re going for heirloom quality.

It’s basic science really, biodegradable substances (like carbohydrate laden foodstuffs) are subject to decomposition over time. (unless they’ve been coated in polyurethane I suppose)  Making a replica of a Van Gogh with breakfast cereal? Awesome!  Kids making a necklace out of macaroni?  Rock on!   But realistically, they won’t be selling it at Tiffany’s and they won’t be wearing it when they’re 35. 

Hence, make all the owls you want out of pretzels and cheerios, but when you decide it’s time for the owls to move on, then let them move on.  The chance that someone at the thrift store will decide that a petrified pretzel project is a must have for their new dining room make-over is pretty slim.

nothin says owls like petrefied pretzels and moldy cheerios

nothing says owls like petrefied pretzels and moldy cheerios close up


Kim said...

This one blew me a way with it's ick/weird/wth factor! I just can't believe someone would think someone else would want it!!

LeAnn said...

I made these as a kid-I think it was a girl scout project. My mom had that yucky thing hanging in the kitchen for years, but we eventually threw it away.