Monday, July 12, 2010

Minnesota vs. Oklahoma

Kim says: Hello all! I recently went to Enid, Oklahoma to vacation and visit with my father. OK - Enid isn't exactly a major "vacation destination" but we found fun stuff to do. You can read about that on Save That Pickle Jar! This post is about the thrift stores I visited. I was excited to go thrift store shopping...thinking about the treasures I would find...and I did find some treasures. But I was also excited to take some pictures of crap to post about on this blog. Ummmm, no crap. Really. I was amazed! I found the stores in Enid to be large, clean, and crap-free! This was an amazing revelation!!! What does this say? Does it say that Minnesota has more crap than Oklahoma? Or does it say that we Minnesotans are more willing to get rid of the crap and Oklahoma holds onto its crap with both hands?! Where were the goofy shells and vacant angels? The feminine products? Maybe Oklahoma throws it's crap out realizing that it has no value to anyone besides snarky bloggy people. Maybe Minnesota thinks their crap could be useful to someone - you know - squeeze-a-shell-until-it-squeaks kind of a thing. I'd like to know what you think - especially if you're from Oklahoma...

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