Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why Manikins Should Wear Pants

This just made me giggle.  Why on earth would you put this on display?  Even if you could pretend they were leggings, it’s still not a pretty picture.  But then again, this is the from the store that brought you crazy ass manikin heads for crafting.  Speaking of heads, this poor thing could use one, but I guess I wouldn’t want anyone to get a look at my face if I was standing around pants-less either.

stuffed manikins should wear pants
From this angle, he (she?  it?)  is standing like he (she?  it?) really needs to pee!

stuffed manikins should wear pants side view

Lisa thinks: At least it doesn't have it's "anatomy". Could be worse, I guess. . . I'm just sayin'.

Kim says: It looks like a diaper-job gone terribly wrong!

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