Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glorious Garage Sales!

Garage sale, yard sale, get rid of your crap sale,or perhaps even a boot sale (in the UK).  Whatever you call them, they are, like the thrift store, a potential goldmine for great deals and truckloads of crazy.

As I’ve mentioned before, they are like random transient thrift stores so as far as I am concerned, that makes them fair game here at Thrift Store Horror.

Jodi S. stumbled upon these little gems at a local garage sale:

Look!  It’s Mr. T!!!!  in homemade pseudo Cabbage Patch form!

i pity da foo 

With his posse!  The all new A-Team!!

The New A-TEAM

Jodi also sent us this creepy item. Apparently it’s some sort of angel.  Not sure what’s going on with the oddly placed foot.  Sorta looks like it’s walking a tightrope.

alien angel full view

But if you look closely at the face… it seems I’ve seen this face before.  hmmm…

alien angel close up

Ahhh yes, that’s it.  Once again, it’s all in the eyes.



Anyhoo, if you have any great garage sale pics or stories, share them with us. 

For more garage/yard sale crazy, you should go check out  They look at garage sales the way I look at thrift stores and they are full of awesome. 

Thanks again to everyone for hanging in there with us with all the sporadic posting lately.  It has been a BUSY summer.  But we did get a chance to go thrifting again recently so we’ve got lots more crazy lined up for your enjoyment.


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