Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leave it to Beaver

So, this is actually sort of retro cool. but where would you hang it?
Maybe if I was rich and eccentric and had a whole room devoted to movie memorabilia.  Ok, eccentric I might be, but rich?  not so much.  and no extra rooms in my house. And no other items in my memorabilia collection. So much for that idea.  ;)  It would just be a room with this picture in it and, well, that's just kind of creepy.

wally and the beaver

Lisa thinks: In my bathroom, maybe. . . but for $15!!! That's pretty steep, even for a pic of Wally and the Beav. Do you think it's signed somewhere that we can't see? Maybe then I would pay $15 for it!

I don't know if I'd shower in your bathroom ever again when I come to stay with you if you have Wally and the Beav hanging there looking at me. You can't hang it there.  ;)  -C

Kim says: I wonder how many kids would even know who these guys are? I wonder how many people are cruising the thrift shops looking for Leave It To Beaver memorabilia?

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Lisa said...

It is a good thing you identified these two in your post, because I never would have known. I would've been the doofus to say, "So, are those your brothers when they were young?"