Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing with Dolls

Amazingly enough, this is NOT a “look at the creepy dolls” post.  We thought we’d just mix it up a bit.
This poor little doll.  This is how we found her.  Notice anything wrong with her?  Besides looking like she’s had a few too many shots of tequila and fallen down a set of stairs, her feet are freaking HUGE!  as we found herAs if having GIANT feet and looking like something the cat dragged in wasn’t enough, we had to come along and complicate matters. This is why grown-ups shouldn’t play with dolls.   Seeing as she looked like she passed out anyway, we couldn’t help but play around with recreating the “wino on a park bench look”.
But something was missing.    
doll mischief 1
So we scouted around for accessories. 
doll mischief 3
and tried a few different looks.
doll mischief 4
Ahh, thrift store mischief.  Always a good time.
Kim says: Well, obviously the girl has been out dancing all night and has swollen feet - REALLY swollen feet!
Lisa thinks: Dancing, drinking, passing out on a park bench. . . reminds me of my college days ;)

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Carolyn Christie said...

That is hilarious... poor thing... See, I knew you took the cake! :)