Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shoes to say no to

Kim says: You just don't get the whole effect of the stretchy material the striped shoes were made of from the picture...maybe next time you should wear them and take video!
black and white shoes
I have to agree with you Kim – these shoes don’t translate well in photo. They sort of remind me of the old striped prison jumpsuits.  Just sayin.  
black and white shoes 2
And here we have some crazy pink shoes.  They look quilted.  In what era were these considered stylish?  And what in the hell would you wear with them??  On second thought, I don’t think I want to know. 

pink shoes
But there is a pair of Ruby Slippers nearby.  Maybe we could slip them on, tap our heels 3 times and end up back in Kansas, far away from these pink shoes!!

pink shoes and ruby slippers

Lisa thinks: First off- any shoes at a thrift store should be considered "shoes to say no to". . . sorry. Second, if you know me- you know I have a "thing" for ugly shoes. The uglier and weirder, the better. My husband actually cringes and freaks out when he has to go out in public with me when I'm wearing certain shoes. On that note- I really sort of like those top shoes. What size were they?Sorry, again ;)

Ok Lisa, I’ll give you a pass on the striped ones.  You may actually be able to pull them off.  Maybe.  But if you wear the pink ones, we’re gonna have to talk.

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