Thursday, March 11, 2010

angry boy

Carmen thinks: This little man sitting in a sad little apple tree seems to have a ginormous chip on his little porcelain shoulder.
 angry apple boy

Look at how pissed off he looks!


He looks like he's possessed.  Or trying to start something on fire using his mind.  (imagines little laser beams shooting from his eyes)  or maybe I've watched one too many movies.

Lisa thinks: He could be watching whatever the scared twins are watching. . . but having a slightly different reaction to it. Possessed by the devil sounds about right. . . I think he's wearing eyeliner, too.     (and lipstick - C)

Kim says: What jumps out at me is how dead his eyes look. They used remarkable detail to get his eyes to look so disturbing...    (remarkable details and emo makeup.  -C)

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