Wednesday, March 10, 2010


On a recent thrifting expedition, we ran across a rack filled with garments such as this:

Now, I’m not really a fur wearer, it kind of creeps me out.  (hmmm.  by now you all must be wondering if there is anything that DOESN’T creep me out).  Anyhoodle, as we passed by this rack, some unexplainable force compelled me to reach out and touch the thing.  Bad Idea.  I’m quite sure that fur coats aren’t supposed to FEEL like a dead mangy animal.  Until they make “feel-o-vision” for blogger, these photos will have to suffice.  From the front it doesn’t appear to be all that bad.  Then we flipped it around:
back of fur
Nothing like a clumpy ratty mangy fur coat to make a woman feel extravagant.  (shudder) 
Kim says: This is just another warning to really look closely before actually purchasing something at a thrift store! I mean, I've gotten some great bargains, but this has issues!!

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