Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Puff of Fluff and Saggy Drawers

Kim says: Like the other chick, Poof, at first glance I thought this was cute. And then I noticed the bitsy head and the ginormous bum! And the puff of fluff on his head is just frosting on the chick!
Lisa thinks: Did he just look in the mirror and see how completely ridiculous he looks?! He is seriously scared of something. . . maybe his "puff of fluff" (I love that!!):)
Carmen thinks: I just thought he looked shocked and appalled perhaps a bit mortified. Judging by the saggy pants, I’m thinking it might just be because he filled his drawers. Every time I see this pic, the “oops, I crapped my pants” skit from SNL comes to mind. But I am totally digging the pattern on the pants on the wall behind him.
Those are pants behind him? Wow! They are crazier than him, now that you mention it!

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