Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh the Horror! (Clown edition)

I know, some people really dig clowns.  My sister in law is one of those people.  I however, am certainly not.  Clowns freak me out.  Maybe it’s because of scary clown movies, or a bad Bozo nightmare I’ve blocked from my consciousness, but for whatever reason, clowns fall into my “not only no, but HELL NO” category. 
So, we’re traipsing through a classy little thrift store the other day and come upon a whole display of clowns.  Being the stuff that nightmares of made of, and we are, after all, Thrift Store HORROR!, I snapped a few pics.  Here we see a creepy but rather unassuming clown.
clown 1

Our next specimen raises the creepy quotient a bit.  He has that mischievous look in his eye.   
clown 2

And then of course we have a small group of clowns that at first glance seem to be innocently having a conversation with a pair of cookie monster slippers.

But what is that on the right?  WTF?  Lets take a closer look--
clown sniff

umm, so, yeah…. it appears that Clowny McPervert  here is getting all up in some other clown’s business.  Seriously?  Someone needs to rearrange this display.

clown sniff-hance
yeah.  Check out the creepy little smile on his painted up face!  Asstastic!  This, my good readers, is just one more reason that clowns are E-V-I-L!

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