Monday, June 14, 2010

What is this supposed to be, anyway??

Hello there thrifters!  Contrary to popular suspicion, we have not fallen off the planet, been abducted by aliens, trampled by elephants or fallen down a well.  Just a case of that thing called “life” which seems to have been a bit busier lately making it near impossible to get online.  But fear not!  We are back! 
Jodi sent us this odd little piece of work that that initially made me think of one of those macram√© plant hangers, but is that even what this is?  I see no  space to stick a plant.  Perhaps it’s just creepy “art”. 
happy plant hanger
What’s with the little face? It scares me a little.

happy plant hanger close-up

Lisa thinks: It's like an evil nylon-crafted face. How scary! Just where do you hang something like this?!

Good question,  I know for sure it would be nowhere in my house! 

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Perfect for the person who loves macrame plant holders, but kills all plants. Try as you may, you'll never kill this arrangement!