Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Miscellaneous Knick-Knackery

Today, for your reading pleasure, we present another collection of random knick-knackery chock full of effed up goodness.

We begin with this little happy birthday clown.  Granted, this is one of the less disturbing clowns I have come across, but still.  What ARE you supposed to do with it?  

to hang on your birthday tree perhaps

This looks like an exploded cat.  Not exactly the theme I’m going for in my house.
yellow fuzzy critter of some sort

Care to wash up with some foot soap? 
an odd design for a soap dispenser

If I looked like this, I would have that disgruntled look too. 
not exactly sure what this is supposed to be

Lisa thinks: Oh, boy! Where to begin?! First- didn't I tell you to lay off the clowns, Carmen?! Happy Freakin' Creepy Birthday!! Second, crazy cat-face meets Troll Doll hair! Wow- my cats would tear that sucker apart!! Is that Mickey Mouse's foot? I wonder what squirts out of it?! And last, but certainly not least, what a "creative" & "interesting" way to repurpose a salt or pepper shaker. Goodness! I think that one would fall into our "crap to 100% crazy" category. Butterfly wings. . . wow. Is it just me or does she look pretty ticked at having been created?!

Kim says: That little fuzzy magnet thingy just cracks me up! I wanna go back and see if it sold! And... what is that first one? A birthday onament?! Are we supposed to be setting up birthday trees now?

Crap to Crazy?  Lisa, you slay me!  -C

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Lisa said...

Okay, I love that shoe. I mean, every clown needs one for their bathroom.