Friday, May 4, 2012

Second Hand Hospital Equipment??

This little contraption is called an incentive spirometer. You may be familiar if you’ve ever worked in healthcare or spent time in the hospital for surgery.  You may not know this, but by trade, I am originally a nurse and I can NOT think of any reason you would want to buy one of these at a thrift store!!

incentive spirometer

#1 - someone else's mouth has been on it.
#2 - it's nearly impossible to sanitize (very important for us with OCD tendencies!!!)
#3 - ewwwwww
#4 - if you are sick enough to require one of these,  you will get one in the hospital!  guaranteed!  so WHY in the hell would you feel the need to buy a used one from an anonymous stranger?!?

disclaimer:  this may be more abhorrent to me being of the medical field and as such, being somewhat more OCD than the general population, but in all honestly, if you had no medical background and  had never been hospitalized, have you ever been out thrifting and thought "hey!!  I need me one of these!!!!"

Methinks probably not.  Just sayin'. 

For reference, go HERE to find out the purpose of such contraption.

I am able to offer absolutely NO insight as to why one would feel the need to pick one of these up secondhand.  Then again... I guess that is the whole purpose of this blog.  There is a lot of unexplainable things out there in thrift store land.  But that's all part of the adventure!!!

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