Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Time for Fun Clown Facts with Carmen

 If you were a previous reader of this blog, or know me personally, you will know that clowns, (like dolls) creep me out.  They always have, but a trend in horror movie clowns hasn't exactly helped.  If you've watched Zombieland, you will know what I mean.

By the way, in case you didn't know, even the CDC has a plan for a Zombie Apocalypse preparedness planning!! You just never know!  Anyhoo, I was talking about clowns, not zombies.  Clowns... creepy ass clowns... so as far as I'm concerned, Happy Jack can take his clown skits and... well, I'll leave where I'm going with that one to your imagination, but suffice it to say, clowns are bad enough.  The idea of them doing skits....for everyone.....is all kinds of wrong.    (p.s.  I'm sorry if you are a clown by trade and are offended by my opposition to clowns.  I think it is a familial trait as my brother feels the same way.  I'm sure you are perfectly delightful people, I just would prefer to talk to you when you AREN'T being a creepy ass clown). 


 I know there is a number of people out there who think that those of us with clown phobia (fun fact: did you know that there is actually an ICD-9 code for a diagnosis of a fear of clowns?  It is called  Coulrophobia. Yup, I just learned something.  That's your Public Service Announcement for the day.

Back to clowns, why are they so inherently creepy?  I'm not entirely sure.  But if you take a look at this guy and think he's adorable, then you likely do NOT have Coulrophobia and you should be relieved.  It also makes me wonder about you, but that's a discussion for a different day.

Until then, have a fabulous day and thrift on, my minions!  hehe. I've always wanted to say that.  In all seriousness, have a fantastic day and I'll see you on the flip side. 

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