Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family Game Night

Ahh, what a great way to spend a Friday night, playing games with the family.  For tonight's festivities, let's start out with a rousing game of... whoa, wait, is that a forest fire?  What on earth is playful about the destruction of acres of natural habitat!!
forest ranger game

Just so you were all aware, this game belongs to Jarrold.  Apparently our friend Jarrold is not ashamed to admit he likes to play with fire.  Shame Jarrold.  Shame.

this belongs to Jarrold

Alrighty then, that's enough destruction for one evening. I vote we move on the to the next game.  Let's play some... oh my....

family game night just took on a whole new meaning

And visions of alien abductions danced through their heads.  I believe it is best if we just keep moving forward at this point.  How about we change things up and sit down for a nice little game of... oh for crying out loud.  I give up. 

some games shouldn't be played with the whole family

I don't know what kind of crazy ass game night you people play around here.  I think it's best if I just go home, crack a beer and watch television, thank you very much. 

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