Thursday, February 25, 2010


Apparently there is a mythical Yeti type creature here in small town Minnesota who has been donating his gently used goods to this thrift store. Improbable, you say? Yes. Probably even impossible but how else do you explain these crazy huge boots? Ice fishing clowns?? Doubtful. My money is still on the big hairy guy.
sasquatch 1
The pictures hardly do these boots justice. Seriously, they were some of the the biggest boots I've ever seen!
sasquatch 2
Kim says: These are the prettiest size 26 boots I’ve ever seen! I’m sure the person who owned them felt so pretty and dainty while wearing them – NOT
Lisa thinks: The side view of these suckers makes me think they should have been much taller. . . I mean, they probably only made it a couple inches over his ankle. Most human boots go quite a bit further up the leg. . . of course, if it was a sasquatch wearing them, his hairyness probably kept him warm enough.

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