Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Demon bird-knick-knacks from hell…

Kim says: Really – who ever thought red-eyed birds would be a good idea in the first place! Who was shopping the first time around and saw these birds and thought they were cute?!

Carmen's take: I'm afraid that their little beady red eyes would follow me around the room or glow red in the dark. These look like they are supposed to be doves. Aren't doves supposed to be the symbol of peace and not the poster doves for demonic possession? Maybe Hitchcock had these sitting around when he dreamed up The Birds.

Lisa thinks: These birds must be the ones from the Prince song. . . you know, "When Doves Cry". Clearly their eyes have been irritated (EXTREMELY irritated) by the shedding of tears due to the loss of a lover. Poor things. . . someone needs to shell out the $1.48 and take them home and give them love (or just pry the red things out and let them live as normal, pure white doves). -"How could you just leave me standing alone in a world so cold?"-


Julie said...

I saw these birds in person and boy I wouldn't want them in my house. They are pretty scary.
I love this new blog idea, keep up the cool pictures.
Take care and God Bless!!!!

Carmen said...

Thanks Lisa, now every time I see this post I end up with some prince song in my head. What I can't explain is that the song usually ends up to be "Little Red Corvette"

Lisa said...

That's funny because that's the song I had in my head when I thought of them being the "When Doves Cry" doves. . . I had to listen to the song before I realized I had the WRONG one in my head!! We ARE cut from the same cloth!

Kimberly Cherrin-Bell said...

Lordy! SMEC marketing goodness at its best!! These are from a company in the 70's who still operate and sell wholsale and advertise on late night TV. I have to wonder HOW they could possibly STILL be in business.