Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salty, Peppy and Snobby

These little guys scream hilarity to me, but as I found recently, when Lisa and I ventured to Junk Bonanza (which is 3 days of fabulousness involving antiques, crafts, repurposing and a whole lot of fun – think Craptastic times a million! anyway…) these little guys were rather popular.  Well, Salty and Peppy were anyway.  I never saw any of the snobby little chef, that was just at this thrift store.  The point is, that I obviously missed the boat on these.  (Ok, I still think they are ridiculous, but antique dealers everywhere will apparently beg to differ).

salt, peppy and snobbery

P.S.  So far so good on the “close to the end of the year resolution”.  Although, it seems that, for the time being anyway, I have lost my counterparts for for now y’all are stuck with just me.    Apparently I just had to get over my case of blogathy.  Or what I affectionately like to call a serious case of “I don’t give a damn!”  Any of you readers still out there who blog ever encounter that? 

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Kim said...

Hey - welcome back! How much were these going for at Junk Bonanza???