Monday, September 13, 2010

How to promote childhood dehydration

Has it really been over a week since we’ve posted? Shame on us. We have no excuse – other than it was the first week of school and Kim and I spent all day Saturday at the Little Falls Craft Fair (which if you are from MN, you will know is no small event – but we got some wicked cute stuff!) Anyhoo, I was sort of hoping that as summer wound down that the crazy busy hectic-ness would slow down but I was way wrong. (sigh) I’m ready for a vacation! In the midst of our crazy week we did manage to get a quick thrifting trip in so we have some great new crazy lined up for you all.

Speaking of the crazy… Here is our entry for the day. All I know is that if you want your kids to NOT drink, then give them this cup. Holy crap! I never was afraid of the Campbell's soup kid until I saw this cup! This could give a kid nightmares. Mommy could mix her cocktail in this thing and it would be totally safe. No kid would want to touch it for fear that the crazy soup kid would eat their face off.


I would be too scared of this damn face to drink out of it

Lisa thinks: He may have alopecia. . .

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