Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cookie Jar Madness

I admit that I was mildly surprised when I learned that there was a subculture of people who collected old cookie jars.  I know it shouldn’t be surprising to me, knowing what people tend to collect – cars, shoes, dust, or in my case – old cookbooks.  I had a great aunt who had a ginormous collection of salt and pepper shakers.  But cookie jars?  Maybe it’s because I don’t have a house big enough to keep them all in, or maybe it’s just because there were some fugly cookie jars back in the day.  For example:

I’m actually rather fond of sunflowers, but these don’t look like sunflowers, they look more like overcooked pasta painted yellow with bits of wilted spinach and burnt cheese thrown in for color. 

sunflower cookie jar

Or this… is it a moldy basket of fruit?

nice try but i still don't think it will keep the kids out of the cookies

Maybe the point was to look unappetizing in order to camouflage the cookie goodness within. 

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Lisa said...

Ah, yes... The ugly cookie jar diet. Didn't that come right after cabbage soup?