Monday, August 23, 2010

Cactus Clown’s Cousin

Remember this guy? 

clown planter

Well, it turns out he has a long lost cousin.  (Who knew that clowns could have non-clown relatives.  I thought they were a mutant species all their own) 

looks rather unassuming here doesn't he

Is that ammo strapped to his chest?  Maybe we shouldn’t pick on him about his lack of a “cactus”.

well, that's a whole new view I didn't need to picture

Lisa thinks: Is it ok that I like this one? Besides the fact that it's not a CLOWN. . . it's sort of cute and silly. Senor Cactus Willie! Sweet. He looks like a real badass. . . or maybe I should say "prick". ;)

He’s not a clown, that makes me like him quite a bit more myself.  And speaking of clowns, it looks like our little clown photobomber is at it again!


1 comment:

Lisa said...

Does that sticker say $4.99?! Who is in charge of pricing at this place?

Just think you, too, can own your own ridiculous gun-happy castrated cowboy! Only $5!